Tag: video games

20th May 2020

My super cool xbox!

One day, our dad bought us a console. My sister and I loved it. We do gymnastics, we play Forza horizon, we watch movies on Netflix or on youtube. My console is xbox360. It has a camera to see us when we do gymnastics. Also, it has a remote control. The Xbox 360 has characters that you can dress up or change the colour of […]

24th April 2020

Video game

I like many games such as frag pro shooter. Frag pro shooter has, many players and every player has a especially power.In this game you have your team and you can make a name of your team. To win a player you have open many chests, you can have a chest from the matches win. There are many clubs to join in the game. When […]

23rd April 2020

My behaviour!

Hi John, I’m very sorry for my bad behaviour last Sunday. I was very angry. I know it isn’t very easy for you to understand because you’re a very good guy and you difficultly make mistakes but you sometimes make mistakes. Every person on the planet have made mistakes before. I would like to apologize to you about my behaviour that afternoon when you phoned […]

14th April 2020

My favourite video game

My favourite video game is Lego races 1. I play it at the weekends with the controller of the play station 2 and 3. Lego races is an action/adventure game and the game is about races and you pick a car and have the race with all the cars of the game. If you win you will advance a level. You can throw a bump […]

10th April 2020

God Of War

Hi bloggers. My name is Pashalis and I gonna say for one game and is like a real story. The name of the game is God Of War. On the God Of War, the character is one and his name is Kratos. Kratos is the son of the Zeus. Kratos has from Sparti and when goes to sparti he calls Ghost Of Sparta. Kratos is […]

5th April 2020


Hello, guys! My name is Jim and I tell you about Minecraft. One of my favourites games is Minecraft. In this game, I can build everything I want. I like to play Minecraft with my sisters or my friend, Thomas. You can play Survival or Creative. On Survival must survive for zombies, skeletons and other monsters but on Creative you have all the blocks in […]

25th March 2020

One of my favourite games

One of my favourite games is the Dragon crystal-arena online. It is a 2D online game. In this game, you can defeat your enemies throwing energy blasts.You can buy a lot of players with diamonds, mission, real money. You can buy players for mission when kill other players and the players with real money is the best in the game because has names for your […]

25th March 2020

My favourite video game character

Hey! My favourite character in a platform game is Sonic. Sonic is a spiky blue hedgehog and he can spin around to get extra speed, but he never gets dizzy! Bye GABRIEL N. 0

25th March 2020

My favourite video game

My favourite video game is fortnite battle royale. This game has a lobby you have to select a game mode solo, duos, squads and other game modes. When you go to the game you are in a bus with a hundred people and you land in the world. Then you have to find weapons and healings to kill other people. When you are the most […]

25th March 2020


My two favourite characters for a game called free fire is Hayato and Miguel. Miguel is26 years old and is a well-rounded Elite Soldier in the Special Forces. As a leader of his squad, Miguel and his team have sent numerous criminals into custody. He does not care about how hard the mission is, as long as he can provide justice. However, after a failed […]

22nd March 2020

My favourite video game

Today I’m going to tell you about my favourite video game. Its called Undertale and it features monsters and a human. There are also items which are food, armour and weapons. The human has to destroy or save the monsters. It’s his or her choice. If you choose to help the monsters you have to spare them and to talk to them while you’re fighting […]

17th March 2020

Football cup 2020

My favourite video game is “Football Cup 2020”. I play it on my tablet. It is about football tournaments, like Champions League, Copa del Sur, the World Cup and a season with teams around the world. There are also some daily challenges and achievements. But first, you do the basics. In this game, I can pass, I can shoot, I can trick and I go […]