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26th May 2020

Can Animals Change a Human’s Ways and Traits? an essay by P.E. Eleftheriou

They say a dog is a man’s best friend. Animals have been man’s companions since the early ages. In certain cases, they even helped to change people’s behaviour and way of thinking. Is that even possible? Believe it or not, it is! Firstly, animals, like dogs, give unconditional love to someone, no matter their origin; race etc., but they also know whether somebody is unfriendly […]

30th April 2020

My friend Babis

This dog is a shepherd dog he has a strong skeleton and a large muscle mass. It can move all day under difficult weather condition in the mountains. He doesn’t want much food. This dog protects sheep and goats from wolves. In this photo is my friend Babis. He is very friendly and I love him. I thank Miss. Cristina who let me take a […]

30th April 2020

Favourite pet

My favourite pet is a dog. I don’t have a dog but I love them very much. If I had a dog I would like it to be small and sweet like all other dogs. My family promised me that when I have my birthday they will buy me a dog. I can’t wait for that day! 6+

4th April 2020

My favourite animal…

My favourite animal is a dog. Dogs usually live in the house with the people. They have got four legs, long ears and a tail. They usually live for twelve years. The dogs eat meat and bones. They can play with people and they smell very well. Paraskevi B. 1+

22nd March 2020

My cats!

Hello! My name is Jim. My favourite animal is a cat! I love cats. l have 3 cats, I love them…!!! Their names are Lousi, Canela and Mikis. Lousi is white and orange, Mikis is white and dark and Canela is white, orange and dark. And all three have very soft fur but and all three has sweet eyes. I had and elsewhere but he […]

15th March 2020

My pet

My pet is a dog. Its name is Bianca. Bianca is a clever dog and likes to play. Bianca is a short dog with brown nose and a short tail. When my cousins, my sister and i playing ball Bianca hunt the ball and bit it. My parents bought it for Christmas. Bianca like have the beach and Bianca’s favourite food is steak and fries. […]

8th March 2020

My favourite pet

My name is Maritina. My pet has got four legs and it can run very fast. It’s grey and black and it’s got small teeth, long tail and small ears. It likes fish and milk. It is a cat. Its name is Bimbo. I like playing with my cat. I love my cat very much. Maritina K. 6+

4th March 2020

My pets!

I am Thomas. I have two dogs and I take care of them with my sister. Their names are Cinammon because it has the colour of cinnamon and Zoubi because it is sweet. We had three but we gave the third to a friend. I feed them three times a day: first before I go to school, at noon and at night. I play with […]

4th March 2020


I like all animals, but my favourites are foxes! Foxes look a bit like dogs but foxes have a fluffier tail and their fur is thicker. Their tail can reach app to 60 cm! Their legs are short and thin. Foxes live in Europe, Asia, North Africa and North America. Foxes eat fruits, mice, rabbits and small birds. Foxes have inspired many writers! I like […]

24th February 2020

My pet(s)

I love pets. I have lived with 5 pets. My first pet was a fish when I was 4.Then my second pet was a dog named Hipakos when I was 5. After Hipakos, my mum got a cat and we named her Roula when I was 7. Unfortunately, she was hit by a car and died. When Roula died we got another dog (boy this […]

14th February 2020

Jura bruno

My grandfather in Trikala is a hunter and has a lot of hunterdogs but my favourite is the Jura Bruno.The Bruno Jura hound is a domestic dog, developed in the Middle Ages for hunting in the Jura Mountains on the Swiss-French border. They are found in a variety of colours and have a broad head and heavy wrinkles, which differentiate them from the other Swiss […]

10th February 2020

My pet

My pet is my turtle. It’s small and cute. It loves to eat cucumber and lettuce. I don’t give it any name. The time they are awake we do enough thinks. I feed her, I give her water and I breth her. Some times if it gets cold gets into the woods or into my dad’s shoes. The other time it sleeps. It is so […]

4th February 2020

My Pet!

My pet is Roxie she is a very sweet dog but sometimes get very angry with other peoples because is Jack Rusell. Roxie is short and long her colour is white with brown and she is a little fat but sweet. To have a pet is very important because make you feel happy. Apostolis M. 2+