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13th May 2020

My favourite kind of exercise!

My favourite kind of exercise is walking and I love it too. I go walking every day. I usually walk with my brother but I sometimes walk with my friends. When I have free time I walk for many hours. My record for walking is 10 hours. My friends think that walking is a boring exercise but I think exactly the opposite. When you walk […]

11th May 2020

About me

My name is Chris. I am seven years old. I can swim and play basketball but I can’t sing and dance. 1+

5th May 2020

The days of 2020

Hello miss Viki I write this email to tell you how I spent my time all these days. First of all, I want to say that is very boring in the house all these days but with this opportunity, I found more things to do. So these days I really listen to music all day because music is one of my favourite hobbies. Also during […]

4th May 2020

My favourite free time activity!

I have many different free-time activities like dancing, yoga, listening to music, making comic books and videos for flipgrid, writing blogs and many more but my favourite is painting. I love painting. I don’t have much free time during the week but at the weekend I paint all day. I don’t do anything else. I don’t do my homework, I don’t help mum do the […]

20th April 2020

My hobby, bike!

One of my favourite hobbies is riding a bike. The bike is a means of transport that is environmentally friendly. I use it more in my village which is Evriaki Lesvos. My bike is green and a little bit. It has eighteen speeds. I use it in order to go from my home to my grandmother house. Also, I use it to go to the […]

28th March 2020

My guitar

I have a lot of free time. Whenever I finish my classes or when I have no school and I am bored instead of sitting on my cellphone I love to play the guitar. I don’t know how to play well the guitar but with the help of my dad and my favourite app, I was able to learn.  As I said in my previous […]

25th March 2020

Volley is my life

In my free time, I do many things but my favourite is when I go for volleyball. Volleyball is my favourite because it’s a sport with a lot of action and a lot of stress but I like it because I feel very happy. My position is being the server and I play in a team called Athlisi. We have a court to play volleyball. […]

9th March 2020

My Favourite Hobby

My favourite hobby is playing chess. Chess is a board game which is played by two players. I play chess in my school every Saturday. My chess teacher is very clever and kind. He helps me and my classmates a lot. I like playing chess because I like solving problems. George N. 6+

31st December 2019

My horses

Hi, I’m Savvas. Sometimes in my free time I go to my horses. When I go I give them water and food. Then I ride a horse, usually, I choose Alcatar my Arabic horse. When it is the evening I put him back in the trees. Savvas Chatzigeorgiou 9+

31st December 2019

Wrestling is my free time

In my free time, I go to wrestling lessons to learn to fight. I go to wrestling lessons three times a week with my best friend. At the beginning of the lesson, we start running and doing some exercises. After all these exercises, we start fighting with each other. In wrestling lessons, we wear jumpsuits and special shoes. Sometimes our teacher organises wrestling matches and […]

31st December 2019

Go to the Cinema

Hi everyone! In my free time, I play with my friends, my brother or read Books. Sometimes, when the weather is good I ride my bicycle. Also, I often go to the cinema with my friends. Michaela Sklavou 3+

28th December 2019

Art is my hobby

My hobby is art, I like my hobby because is very interesting and important for me. When I draw I clear my mind and rilieve stress. Hobbies are for relaxing in your free time. 😀 4+

26th December 2019

Drawing is my life

Hi I’m Iria.Having time for yourself is very important.Listening to music makes me relax,but my favorite hobby isn’t that.My favorite hobby is drawing.Since I was young and now I draw everywhere, even in books,on papers and on canvas. I like drawing because it expresses my feeling.It’s not so easy and makes me sometimes upset because my mind isn’t clear and I can’t draw the things […]

18th December 2019

My bike is the biggest part of my life

I don’t have much free time, but try to find time to ride.My goal is to ride every day. My bike is something I enjoy and I relax with.I like this activity and I have been doing it for three years. My dream is to ride in another country. 10+

17th December 2019

Dancing is a sport

My hobby is dancing, more specifically Latin. I really like Latin and I have taken part in competitions and sometimes won. Latin has many dances in it, but the most basics ones are rumba, cha-cha-cha, samba, jive and Paso people. Also in Latin, if you know at least the basics steps you can wear special shoes with heels. Dancing is a way to express your […]

17th December 2019

Lego is for Girls

In my free time, I play lego. I make houses and rooms from lego. I like it because it is not boring but it is exciting. They are very small cubes that you join together to make whatever you like. There are lego friends, lego cities and lego movies. Lego is fun!!! Evi Aik. 7+

17th December 2019

Fluffy hugs and sleep

In my free time I play with my cats.l have 5 cats,I love them…!!! I like cats because is playful,cute and sometimes is silly but I love them. It makes me happy and I forget all the problem that I have! Zoe N. 14+

17th December 2019

Music life

Hi im Magda, In my free time I play music.. Not one but, 3 instruments and if i dont play to music I listen to music:) Magda rules 7+

17th December 2019


My favourite hobby is football.I play football on Tuesdays and Fridays.I play football with my friends at school.I play this sport because I am very a good player.I sometimes play football in the house and my father gets angry with me. My favourite football player is Messi Kostas Spyrou 7+

16th December 2019

Digital video game era

Hi my name is Tony and I am 12 years old. In my free time I have many things to do but the best thing is playing video games with my brother and my friends. It relaxes me and I play every week for about 6hrs. I play with my brother and if my friends are online we play together. My favourite video game is […]

16th December 2019

Love for lego is huge!

In my free time I like playing with my sister. I like watching TV, playing computer games, reading books, playing with my cars and trains. But my favourite hobby of all is making and playing lego. Lego are small pieces which I must put together all the pieces. I make motorbikes with lego, cars and many other things. I love lego! John Lalos Senior A […]

16th December 2019

My Hobby

My hobby is gymnastics. It’s a pretty tough sport because you have to be flexible. It has a lot of things to try and get involved with. My favourite exercise is cartwheel because it is quite easy to do. I have been doing this sport for 2 years. I wish I could do this sport forever. 8+

16th December 2019

Ballet for life

Hello, my name is Victoria. My favourite hobby is ballet. Ballet is a classical dance.Ι like it because it has beautiful choreographies and amazing classical music. I do ballet for six years and I go for two days of the week. It’s a difficult dance. I also have good friends and a polite teacher. I love ballet and I hope to be a good ballet […]

16th December 2019

Traditional dancing is great

In my free time, I go to a cultural club and I learn traditional dances. I have a lot of fun there and I like learning dances. I am happy to meet friends. I also go to a sports society and do rhythmic gymnastics. That’s a good exercise for my body. In summer I go to the sea. I love swimming! Anastasia Psaropoulou Senior A […]

16th December 2019

Ballet dancing is cool

My favourite hobby is ballet. Ballet consists of the choreography and music. Classical ballet is usually perforemed with classical music. Ballet is a French word which has its origin in the Italian ballet. I’ve done ballet from five years old, I love ballet and hope to become a good ballerina. Victoria Psaropoulou 30+

16th December 2019

Sing like a pro

My favourite hobby is singing. I like it because it calms me and makes me happy when I am sad or angry!. I like many types of music. I like pop English and Greek music and rap music. I have been having singing and dancing lessons for about 6 years. My future plans are to continue what I am doing now and try my best […]

16th December 2019

Aerial Yoga and I fly like an angel

Hi everyone, My name is Maritina. My favourite hobby is Aerial Yoga. In my free time, I also like listening to music, play with my toys and dancing. Aerial Yoga is my favourite because it is easy and fun! Maritina K. Senior A 20+

16th December 2019

Kumite Karate rules

In my free time, I do karate. Karate is a martial art and you learn how to protect yourself. You wear white trousers, a white jacket and inside you wear a T-shirt. You put on like boxing gloves and a little mask to protect your mouth when you play Kumite. You exercise your body and your mind. It is a difficult sport to do. You […]

15th December 2019

Let’s all play basketball!

In my free time, I like to play basketball. Basketball is a game where you have to try to make a ball go through a basket with the help of your teammates. I like this game because it is going to make me taller and stronger. Aris Kakes 6+

15th December 2019

Taekwondo is the perfect hobby for me

Having a hobby that you enjoy brings us joy and enriches your life. It gives you something fun to do during your leisure time and gives you the opportunity to learn new skills. My hobby is Taekwondo. It is a difficult and fast-moving sport. Apart from training, you learn to defend yourself. It is a very useful sport. I think Taekwondo is the perfect hobby […]

15th December 2019

Aerial Yoga for life

In my free time after I finish my homework, I go dancing lessons. In this lesson, I climb ribbons and I have fun. Also, I do gym with music and make many exercises. With other kids run and dance for health. In this lesson, I go with my best friend and have fun together. I want to continue this lesson because is very funny and […]

15th December 2019

Running, a hobby in my life

I have many different hobbies, but I think my favourite is running. I want to run every day. My friends and I do races every day and I win. When I run I forget everything. Running has got only one rule: you must the other people. I like it because I have learned many things, like meeting new friends and also if you try you […]

15th December 2019

Tae-kwon-do is unique

My favourite hobby is tae-kwon-do. It’s an Olympic, fast-moving sport. I train with my friends. Tae-kwon-do is a martial art, you use your legs, hands and mind. Tae-kwon-do is special to me. In the future, I hope I will take part in the competition. I love tae-kwon-do. Theodore Haralabidis 12+

15th December 2019

Drawing expresses feelings

My hobby is drawing. I draw pictures of many things. I use pencils, watercolours and markers. My family and my friends decorate their houses with my pictures. When my friends have their birthdays I make a birthday card for them. I love drawing and I spend all my money to buy equipment to draw my pictures. Maria Eleftheriou B senior 2019 18+

14th December 2019

Greek musical instrument

Hi! My name is Deppie Tsakiri and in my free time I like to play a greek traditional musikal instrument called santuri.The santur was invented in the area of Iran. It has one hundred and ten strings. I like it because the sound it makes it’s different. 19+

13th December 2019

The football is part of me

My hobby is football. I like playing it I have been playing football shine I was 5 years old and I like playing with my friends and my brothers. I play football at school and at the football stadium. Football is very exciting. Football each team has 11 players and one goalkeeper. Football is played by using your feet and head but a goalkeeper can […]

13th December 2019

A riding adventure

My hobby is riding a bike. I like that hobby very much. I like to ride a bike on the road, in the parks and in parking. It is always good to wear helmets, knee pads and other safeguards, especially on roads and forests. In summers we go to Madamado for holidays, we take with us our bikes and whenever I want I take mine […]

13th December 2019

Dance makes me feel fantastic

Hi, my name is Marianda. In my free time l like to play with my phone,l like reading books and I like to dance Latin. I have started dancing for 8 years old. The dance for me is a fantastic hobby. I like to dance because I think I’m kidding. The dance for me is the most beautiful thing in my life. Marianda R. 8+