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20th May 2020

Stay home for too long!

These days, We must stay at home. I do a lot of things in my house. I play the piano, I do gymnastics, I listen to music and others… My schools found the solution and I do lessons at my home. I spend my time very well but sometimes I don’t like the lessons very much on the Internet because we didn’t have very good […]

19th May 2020

COVID-19:Old age

Real loneliness is not what we used to call during the quarantine. Real loneliness can’t use the internet, Facebook, Viber or Skype. Real loneliness can’t write on a piece of paper or send an SMS to go out of the house. Can’t watch a movie on Netflix to pass the time. It never takes selfies and never shares on Instagram. It doesn’t use smartphones with […]

5th May 2020

Covid-19 experiences at home

We all thought 2020 is going to be a good year for all of us but unfortunately, it was not. This year something different happened but is ok because we had new experiences and that is so cool and interesting. A lot of stuff makes me happy those days like play with my dog, bake a cake or some delicious cookies. Some times I go […]

5th May 2020

The days of 2020

Hello miss Viki I write this email to tell you how I spent my time all these days. First of all, I want to say that is very boring in the house all these days but with this opportunity, I found more things to do. So these days I really listen to music all day because music is one of my favourite hobbies. Also during […]

4th May 2020

The positive and the negative aspects of staying at home

Being limited is nearly always a letdown. But sometimes if you have strong nerves and imagination it will turn out a bit funny or even exciting. Here we will analyse some good facts about the quarantine who will help you feel better. Firstly, limited transportation is really what the planet needed. The worldwide quarantine is like a punishment from mother earth. Just think that she […]

4th May 2020

Technology’s negative effect on teenagers and generally people

Can someone just imagine what life would be without the technological facilities that have been offered to us by engineers? Even though all we have to do is look in the past, the youth of the 21st century don’t seem to be able to. For one thing, the new generation, that grew up in the development of technology, is known as the “electronic age babies”. […]

2nd May 2020

What do I do in quarantine that makes me happy

We are all tired of quarantine but there are some things that make us happy like a hobby! I really like to cook so I cook meals for my family. I often ride my bike near my house with my brother. I love reading books too! Ι play a musical instrument but I don’t have much time because I have to study for my online […]

2nd May 2020

What makes me happy in Quarantine

These days aren’t the best to go out. I would like to share with you how I am spending my time and make my shelf as happy as I can. We all have friends who stay far away in other cities and it is difficult to connect. It’s time to talk with them from Skype or Viber. Coronavirus made it hard to eat out at […]

2nd May 2020

How I spend these days and what makes me happy

These days I have a good time. I’m involved with many things these days. I do gymnastics, I ride a bike with my mum and many more. We do English lessons through an application and it’s perfect. We are thinking of starting dance lessons with video calling and I can’t wait. I don’t want to go back to the time when I didn’t have any […]

30th April 2020

The positives and negatives of staying inside

This year didn’t start well. Covid-19, also known as the coronavirus, made the whole world stay inside. There are a lot of negatives and positives of staying inside. These are for me the positives and negatives of staying home. At the start it would look pretty cool staying inside, doing whatever you wanted to do at any time. But after the first week, it slowly […]

30th April 2020

The negative and the positive aspects of staying inside.

The negatives and the positives of staying inside are many and different for every person. For me, the negatives are mainly phycological because I can’t go outside with my friends or my family. Also, I don’t have the ability to go to school or my after school activities, and for this reason, I have nothing productive and fun to do all day. However, the positives […]

26th April 2020

Daily routine in coronavirus

Hi! I’m Maritina. In coronavirus days I don’t go to school. Every day I watch school subjects on TV. After that, I play in my garden. I often read books, listen to music and dance. After lunch, I do my homework for my English school. I love English lessons on the computer because I meet my friends and Miss Vicky! In the afternoon I have […]

22nd April 2020

The positive & negative aspects of staying inside

This year, a very powerful disease known as coronavirus, has made our lives different. We have to stay all the time in our houses and to wash our hands twenty-four hours a day. Is this good for as or not? Firstly, staying home, is a good way to be safe and to do things with our family. For example, you can play some board games […]

20th April 2020

A nightmare

One day, I woke up early and I heard my cat meowing. I went out of my house and I saw my best friend Thomas. I followed Thomas and saw my cat sitting with my grandmother on a rocking chair. Thomas told me that I had covid-19 and he quickly took me to the hospital. Doctors told me that I only had one chance for […]

16th April 2020

On the bright side of quarantine

Today everyone has the same problem, it is something special. Many families around the world are locked in their homes during quarantine. But one artist has had a perfect idea, with his drone he photographs people in their homes. Families in the photos are excited and trying to find funny clothes or weird ideas. This whole situation is different for all of us. How do […]

14th April 2020

The food in coronovirus days!

Hi Anna, How are things there in Perou? I hope you’ll manage to get through this virus? Here in Greece we have many cases and dead people but this isn’t the basic subject of my e-mail. In this e-mail I want to ask you about the food which you are eating these days that you are in your houses. Here the traditional food are: giouvarlakia, […]

13th April 2020

Discuss the positive and negative aspects of being in lockdown

Have you ever lived in that kind of situation? As I remember I never have, it is something new for me and for many other people. No one really expected things to turn out this way and by that, I mean the lockdown and the social distancing. We all can deduce the positive and negative impacts of these security measures. It is wise to see […]

13th April 2020

Discuss the positive and negative aspects of being in lockdown

The planet has to confront a global situation which is called COVID-19. It is a pandemic which is causing people pain, fever and fatigue. Sometimes, it doesn’t show signs of illness but it still exists. This pandemic is very serious, so the governments around the world have decided the lock-down. This means that people should stay at their homes in quarantine and go out only […]

10th April 2020


Now, because of the pandemic of COVID-19 everything has changed. Schools and our school activities are closed, so we have to stay at home and take some lessons on the computer. I think that the digital way of learning is interesting. We use technology for learning things, search for information about subjects, write messages to our teachers and classmates. We often make videos and put […]

10th April 2020

My free time!

Hi John, How are things? I hope you’re well! What are you doing these days? Do you play any games with your little sister? Oh, I forgot it! How is your sister Mirsini? Is she well? I hope she is! I’m very bored these days but I know that it is a hard war against a virus and that we must beat it. Every morning […]

8th April 2020

Online School Lessons Are Not That “Cool”

Now that the COVID 19 has spread radically, we don’t go to school and we do online lessons. The teachers, basically, put our homework on a website called “class.sch.gr” and occasionally we have lessons by online meetings. I don’t really like them though. I prefer the classic face-to-face lessons. With the online lesson, it’s not always clear whether we have homework to do or whether […]

8th April 2020

The difficult situation in New York!

Hi aunt Helen, How are things in New York? I hope you will manage to get through this nightmare! Here in Greece many days now we have traffic prohibition, lockdown and the schools are closed. We have around 1800 cases but there in America you have many more. People are dying helpless in their houses because hospitals are full. I’m afraid, actually scared of this […]

8th April 2020

Help the local community

We help the community if we throw our garbage in the bin and we don’t throw our rubbish on the ground. We also have to separate the normal garbage from recycling where we have to be economical on some things like paper so that we don’t have to burn more trees to fix it. Also, we should ride our bike every day so that we […]

6th April 2020

What are the best means of dealing with stress?

Every single person these days is trying to cope with the pressures that they face as part of modern life. All these things we have to cope with is the obligations, and the need to participate in everything we see, and at the same time to be good at it. The big issue on the hectic pace of modern life is the stress we carry […]

5th April 2020

Think of a way that the world has change.

Nowadays the world has changed because of an issue. I wish that issue had never existed because it has brought the upside down. I wish people could walk outside without fear. I wish their lives don’t change. But all the strict protection measures created for one reason. If we had misheard the warnings, now the situation would be different. I wish I could see my […]

4th April 2020

My daily roytine (quarantine)

I wake up at 11:00 o’ clock. Then I eat breakfast.when I finish I do some exercises for my school. At noon I play PS4 with my friends. We eat around 3:00 o’ clock. When my parents are sleeping I continue playing up until 4:30. When they wake up I close it and continue doing exercises. At the afternoon we are dancing in a game […]

31st March 2020

The last two weeks

The last two weeks schools are closed because of the pandemic of coronavirus. We have to stay home to protect ourselves. Now I have much free time to relax and do things I like, as reading comics, drawing, playing video games and watching movies. When the weather is good I ride my bike in the back yard of the house where we can play with […]

29th March 2020

The day that the virus started

It is a really strange experience that we all live in Greece because as we all know, the virus is here, is between us and we all must stay safe at home. I am twenty days at home, I am freaking out, and I am really scared, I am trying to stay calm,but I must accept it we are all at quarantine and we must […]

29th March 2020

Fourteen days inside my home

Hello guys. I’m fourteen days inside my home. It’s really a strange experience what we live. I’m all the time in my house and I’m bored. I can’t go outside because they don’t let you. Some stores are close and some cafes. In my house I do some things example: I do painting, I play with my brother, I do online English lessons and it’s […]

29th March 2020

What I do during the coronavirus

These days schools are closed because of the coronavirus. We have to stay at home and wash our hands very well and frequently. We have to protect our grandparents because they are vulnerable social groups. This is my daily routine these days; I wake up in the morning and having breakfast. Τhen I like to play Minecraft on my laptop or read a book. At […]

28th March 2020

My quarantine routine 😜

Hello everyone, my name is Casey and today’s blog is about my quarantine routines. So I wake up late in the morning, sometimes I don’t eat breakfast. I watch TV, play board games with my family, I draw, I do homework, I help my mom doing housework and I fight with my sister 😂. I sleep very late at night, and my mom is angry […]

28th March 2020

Fourteen days inside my home

It is really a strange experience what we live. I’m staying home for two weeks now. These days l have more free time to do things. I read books, I watch rows and moves in the Netflix. I play with my dog. I do different things but I’ve started to get bored. For all that is happening all over the world, I am very sad. […]

25th March 2020


Corona virus or covid-19 is a virus first begun in China last December. It caused illness, even death to thousands of peoples. It appears with symptoms like fever, cough, runny nose and difficulty in breathing. Most of the people with covid-19 have to stay in hospitals, but many people stay at home until they get well. Unfortunately, a lot of people are in bad condition […]

25th March 2020

My covid – 19 experience!

The covid – 19 virus is very dangerous for all the people but it is more dangerous for people with health problems. But let’s start from the beginning: This horror experience started from the beginning of the year in China. It was very scary to see empty streets and closed restaurants and cafes. People with the virus were thousands. But in Greece, we didn’t care […]

25th March 2020


! Clean hands protect us against infection and serious diseases. All of us know that we can easily get sick if we don’t wash our hands, before touch our eyes, nose and mouth before eating or preparing food or before looking after a baby. ! If we wash regularly our hands with soap and water we remove not only dirt but and the other people […]