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In this section, we have put all our exam level blog posts. You will find levels of writing which start with B1 (Prelower), B2 (Lower) and go all the way up to C1 and C2 (Proficiency) levels.

1st June 2020

The two wolves

One day an Indian boy talked with his old grandfather.”Son” the old Indian said, “there is a battle between two wolves in your heart the first wolf is bad and represents anger, jealousy, and every other negative feeling. The other wolf is good and represents happiness, peace and every other good feeling. The boy thought for a while the grandfather’s words and asked, “Which wolf […]

1st June 2020


Alexander the Great died in June 323 Bc. After the long trips, the battles, a life full of adventure in Asia, he felt weak and he had a fever. His people were worried about him and the doctors made their best to cure the king of his illness, but after 10 days he died in Babylon. At the last moments of his life, he asked […]

29th May 2020

Theseus the first king of Athens

Theseus is one of the most famous heroes of Ancient Greece everyone knows his story, the trip from his birth city to Athens to meet his father, king of Athens Aegeus. Everyone knows about his labours how he killed very dangerous robbers on his way to Athens. Also, he is very known because of his journey to the island of Crete, to kill Minotaur, the […]

27th May 2020

Online learning sessions.

Last months we had to confront a new situation because of Covid-19. The government decided to close all the schools, the universities and the languages schools and called it lock-down. As a result, it was very difficult to acclimatize to online courses. My personal opinion is that the online learning sessions must be accomplished in this way because in another case we will lose a […]

27th May 2020

Hi Annie

Hi Annie, I am so sorry to hear that you’ve got a flu. I hope you get well soon. As for the lessons, don’t worry, health is above all. Of course, I will send you an email with each homework, it is the least I can do for you. These days we don’t have lots of homework so you won’t get tired of doing it. […]

26th May 2020

Can Animals Change a Human’s Ways and Traits? an essay by P.E. Eleftheriou

They say a dog is a man’s best friend. Animals have been man’s companions since the early ages. In certain cases, they even helped to change people’s behaviour and way of thinking. Is that even possible? Believe it or not, it is! Firstly, animals, like dogs, give unconditional love to someone, no matter their origin; race etc., but they also know whether somebody is unfriendly […]

25th May 2020

The experience of getting something that you want.

Last summer I was working very much and every day. I was very tired and disappointed because I didn’t do anything despite the work and I didn’t have time to go somewhere for having good time. So, I decided that at the end of the season I would travel to Europe and especially to Germany. I wanted this trip so badly because I needed to […]

25th May 2020

Are old buildings a cultural heritage of one’s nation?

Every nation has its own cultural heritage, buildings and historical places. However, an existing controversial issue makes people wonder if those historic buildings are standing in the way of evolution. Many old buildings are protected by from the law because they play a big part in the nation’s history. Firstly, it is important to maintain old buildings because they have economic value. Many of the […]

19th May 2020

The Science Fair

Dear Ms Kline, I am looking forward to this annual Science Fair. I believe that it will be great. In my opinion, the school library could be the ideal place for the fair because it has a lot of space to do activities. Also, we can use books for some experiments which we are going to do. I think that the gymnasium isn’t a good […]

19th May 2020

COVID-19:Old age

Real loneliness is not what we used to call during the quarantine. Real loneliness can’t use the internet, Facebook, Viber or Skype. Real loneliness can’t write on a piece of paper or send an SMS to go out of the house. Can’t watch a movie on Netflix to pass the time. It never takes selfies and never shares on Instagram. It doesn’t use smartphones with […]

18th May 2020

My answer to Annie

Dear Annie I’m sorry to hear that you are sick. I hope you get better soon. I will miss you. Of course, I can send you e-mails with each day’s homework. Whatever you need I am here for you. Today we had two tests. A Geography and a Maths Test. We have for homework four exercises in History on pg69 and two exercises in Science […]

18th May 2020

Our summer camp

Dear Counsellor, I am looking forward to our summer camp too. I believe that it will be great. A lot of activities make the day more lovely and enjoyable. I think a day trip to the lake would be better because we can go swimming and we can go paddling with a kayak. I believe that summer isn’t the perfect period to climb to the […]

18th May 2020


Mean girls: American teen comedy, produced in 2004. The film was directed by Mark Waters and written by Tina Fei. The film stars: Lindsay Lohan, Racher McAdams Lacey, Amanda Seyfred and Lizzie Kaplan. In the North Shore High school, there are three girls who are very rich and they do whatever they want. They all have them like idols. Until a new student arrives. And […]

14th May 2020

We live in the age of the goldfish!

Experts have noticed a change to humans attention span. In 2000 research by Microsoft placed the average human attention span at 12 seconds and by 2015, the number had fallen to 8 seconds like the goldfish’s attention. Are we getting dumb? The answer is no because the goldfish comparisons have proven a change in the way we think, because of technological improvements like the internet […]

13th May 2020

The broken pot

In China, an old woman every day used to carry water from a well, a long way to home. She had two pots hanging on a pole across her neck. One of the pots was perfect but the other was cracked. The perfect pot carried every day the whole portion of the water, but the cracked one was always half full at the end of […]

13th May 2020

The four candles

There were four candles, slowly burned their whisper almost could be heard in the darkness. The first candle was heard to say “I am peace! unfortunately people can’t manage to keep me. The world is full of anger. Always there is a war on earth. Everyday people pass their time arguing and fighting nobody can keep me lit” and the flame of the candle blew […]

13th May 2020

The Science Fair!!!

Dear Ms Kline I’m so happy about the Science Fair. I had a good time last year but I really want it to be better this year for the new students. I think students would prefer to use the gymnasium rather than the library to have the fair. We want to have fun not to read books. I believe we should have a competition for […]

13th May 2020

Pros and cons , robots working for humans.

The advantages and disadvantages are a lot. For instance robots replacing human jobs and that will increase unemployment. However that will increase new raising jobs as an example mechanical automation engineers . A big advantage of robots is that the working environment will be safer than it is now. In addition we can spend our free time trying to do better for the environment and […]

11th May 2020

Is gamification meaningful?

Gamification is undeniable one of the most exciting ways to learn. Especially, this period with quarantine, we used the way of gamification to learn or revise things to the children. But a question that most parents and some teachers make; is gamification meaningful? Firstly, gamification is a way to learn easer everything needs to learn. Similarly, is the easer and most exciting way to do […]

11th May 2020

Hectic pace of modern life

In present times, people are more likely to feel pressure and anxiety. It all starts when you don’t find time for yourself and you start to force yourself into a routine so you can cope with the everyday tensity. But that it isn’t a solution and you have sooner or later to deal with reality. At first, you have to identify the cause that makes […]

11th May 2020

Happy mothers day

Like every year, Mother’s Day is an important day since the mother can spend more time with her child. Like every year, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Mother’s Day was founded in the 20th century by the American Women’s Movement. This time of year on Sunday, all kids make a card or sweet flowers or other things and give them […]

11th May 2020

About me !!!

Hi, my name is Agapi Michaela and I am 13 years old. I was born in Athens but I leave in Mytilene for the last five years. I have two sisters a younger Nefeli and an older Maria. My favourite colour is blue and my favourite food is fish. In my free time, I listen to music and I draw. My favourite sports are football […]

11th May 2020

A Few Words About The “Age of the Age of the Goldfish”

We live in the age of the goldfish! In other words, research by experts has proven that from 2000 to 2015 average human attention has been decreased by 4 seconds, that is 8 seconds. A goldfish’s attention spam is about 9 seconds, meaning our average is less than a goldfish’s! However, that doesn’t mean we’re more slow-witted than a fish, it just means our way […]

9th May 2020

About me

Hi my name is Apostolis I’m 12 years old and I live in Mitilini with my parents, my younger sister and my younger brother and we spend a lot of time together, we watch movies and play video games. My favourite colour is blue. My favourite movie is the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. My hobby is drawing and I like it very much. I […]

8th May 2020


One of my favourite characters is Thor. Thor is a superhero marvel character, who has filmed three movies. I have seen all of the movies but my favourite is part three “Thor Ragnarok”.In this movie, the evil sister of Thor comes back to take revenge for her father king Odin, because he had exiled her. Thor has a brother called Lockie. His mother died in […]

8th May 2020

What is the future of language?

What a monotonous world it would be without the mixed cultures and languages? Some experts believe that 90% of languages will become extinct. These predictions are based on real facts, so they will become true, because of globalization. All the world’s languages have changed because of globalization. As the countries are getting connected to each other, because of marketing, education, and tourism, they must have […]

8th May 2020

The importance of physical education in school.

Many people recognize the importance of physical education and sports in school. On the other hand, other people believe it is a waste of time that they could spend on academic subjects. Physical education is a lesson that we do about two times a week and it is a kind of lesson to relax while doing a significant sport that you may or may not […]

8th May 2020

The future robots( ? )

Technology is developing very fast. It has helped us to make our lives more luxurious, easier, and funnier. But have you ever thought about what will happen, if in the future, we will be able to program robots to do our jobs, our housework and generally all those works that we are often bored to do? As far as I’ m concerned, this will have […]

6th May 2020

About me !!!!!

Hi, my name’s Nefeli I’m 13 years old and I was born in Athens but I have been living in Mytilene for the last 5 years. I have two older sisters, Maria and Agapi, and a pet, a turtle. My favourite colour is blue and my favourite food is spaghetti. My favourite animal is a dog. My favourite school subject is Ancient Greek and my […]

5th May 2020

Like salt

Once upon a time, there was a king who had three daughters. One day the king asked his daughters to tell him how much they loved him. The first one said that she loved him as much as gold and the king liked the answer. The second daughter told that she loved him as much as the sun and he liked her answer, as well. […]

5th May 2020

Dragon tales(part 10)REAL LIFE DRAGONS

Nowadays people don’t believe in dragons. However, there are some creatures on earth that their shape and behaviour reminds dragons. 1. Komodo dragons: They are found on the island Komodo in Indonesia. They are the heaviest lizards on earth, with a big body, short legs and muscular tails. They are aggressive, their saliva is toxic and their bite can cause the immediate death of the […]

5th May 2020

Covid-19 experiences at home

We all thought 2020 is going to be a good year for all of us but unfortunately, it was not. This year something different happened but is ok because we had new experiences and that is so cool and interesting. A lot of stuff makes me happy those days like play with my dog, bake a cake or some delicious cookies. Some times I go […]

5th May 2020

Are Local Languages Endangered of Being Displaced by A Global One?

The key to global human interactions is language. About 20% of the world’s population speak the English language. Linguists believe that due to globalization local languages will eventually become extinct and displaced one global language, by the end of the century. But, is that opinion really a fact? Firstly, illiterate nations still exist in many regions of the world. Most of them have never come […]

4th May 2020

The positive and the negative aspects of staying at home

Being limited is nearly always a letdown. But sometimes if you have strong nerves and imagination it will turn out a bit funny or even exciting. Here we will analyse some good facts about the quarantine who will help you feel better. Firstly, limited transportation is really what the planet needed. The worldwide quarantine is like a punishment from mother earth. Just think that she […]

4th May 2020

Valuable forms of communication.

Everyone uses different ways to communicate with others. Communication is essential because people need to talk with others, to give or take advice for a problem. The real question; are there any valuable forms of communication? On the one hand, we have face-to-face communication. With this way, it is easier to understand the body language and with is I mean to understand your friend feelings. […]

4th May 2020

Technology’s negative effect on teenagers and generally people

Can someone just imagine what life would be without the technological facilities that have been offered to us by engineers? Even though all we have to do is look in the past, the youth of the 21st century don’t seem to be able to. For one thing, the new generation, that grew up in the development of technology, is known as the “electronic age babies”. […]

4th May 2020

An email to the Counselor

Dear Counselor Fred, I’m so excited about the camp this year. I had a really good time last year. That’s a great idea swim rather than climb to the top of a mountain. Swimming lessons are a good idea. I believe they like water and of course swimming. Maybe we could do other activities in the afternoon like group sports. I think we should prepare […]

3rd May 2020

Home education

Education means a lot for a person, it is all about you Character, the way you think and the way you approach life in general. In the latest years, most of the parents prefer homeschooling their children. In my belief teaching in your home, it is a reasonable choice but like always we should see the two sides of the facts. Before I started writing […]

3rd May 2020

Advantages or disadvantages of home education.

Nowadays, parents prefer more and more to educate their children at home. It is called home education and it is just a valuable as formal education but children instead of going to school they are staying at home and do school online courses. Personally, I think that home education has more disadvantages to advantages. First of all, one of the disadvantages is that children stay […]